Designed to Impress

Research. Design. Source. Import. Sell.

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What We Do

À la carte

  • Product feasibility reports

  • Leverage proven contractors

  • End-to-end China sourcing solutions

  • Import using shared container space

  • Optimize marketplace presence

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Built to Last

Simple Pricing

Piggy-back on a moving flywheel.

Full-Service Management

2.35% Gross Revenue
  • No upfront costs
  • Once a week check-in
  • Month-to-month
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Shared Container Space

.15 per item
  • Import your goods using the most cost effective route.
  • Real-time container tracking
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Some Final Words...

We work exclusively with those we enjoy.

As a whole, we have enough. We simply enjoy collaborating with others and take satisfaction when others succeed. Our services, systems, and contractors are exclusively available to those we feel inclined to work with. With that in mind, lets see if we can tango.